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Have you been meaning to get started with saving, but just never got around to it or perhaps gave yourself an excuse like "I don't know how to get started" or "I don't have enough"?

Or have you always wanted to get started, but found the idea of even just getting started confusing or intimidating?

Or might you already be a good saver, have been been savvy with your investments and now are looking for an additional way to diversify and perhaps want a way to protect your investments along the way?

Our New Easy-to-Use GVCM Online Robo-Advisor Platform Might Just Be Your Answer.

Often, the problem is just taking that first step and we've made the process of getting started for you as easy as possible.  By answering just a few simple questions and letting us know about you and your goals, our easy-to-use app (downloadable from the App Store or Google Play) can help you on your way to investing.  

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Whether that's enhancing the investing strategy you already have, saving for an emergency, looking for a bank alternative or helping you take ownership of your financial future, we help you do that without the complexity or confusion.

So what exactly is this Robo-Advisor?

So what exactly is this Robo-Advisor?

A “robo-advisor” is a software tool that utilizes technology to make investing easier and more accessible. This allows investors to basically put their investments on “auto pilot”.  In this growing age of technology, we believe embracing the change is what’s in our client’s best interest.  And, while we've been able to deliver strategies (that used to be made available only to the wealthy) and have made those available for as low as $2,000 under our current Small Account Program, there is still that minimum to be met, which still meant that not everyone had access.  But, not anymore.

With GVCM's Robo-Advisor Platform, anyone can create an account with as little as $100 and have access to the same 'Tactical' methodology many of our clients have benefited from.  For you, this means your investments diversify across multiple indices while being able to shift to a defensive mode in the event of a true declining market, so you can also protect what you have. 

The best part is that unlike other robo-advisors, ours come with access to an actual advisor, so you can have your own advisor to help you with other planning matters.

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Creating an account takes less than 10 minutes, requires little to no paperwork, and you can have your funds invested and working for you within a few days.  

Creating an account with the unique code below means you will have access to me as your advisor, allowing our team to assist you with your account, when needed, as well as give you access to advice and planning services (cashflow management/ budgeting, proper insurance coverage, emergency reserves, debt elimination, long-term savings and estate planning) - along with other free resources - that come with being one of our clients.  

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