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A Message From the President

Investing in the early years of my career was a lot simpler than it is today. From 1982 to March 2000, the US equity markets were in the longest running bull market in history. "Buy & Hold" investing worked best because the new highs in the market were higher than the previous highs and we learned to simply "buy" on corrections and" dollar-cost-average." Works great in a bull market, right? 

My confidence in "Buy & Hold" was shattered from 2000 - 2002 when the markets declined in excess of 50%. I swear I felt every penny of loss in my body. My peers told me to stay put, that the markets will come back. Simple math dictated that it would take 100% to get back even. That could take years! So the quest began to find a better way than to ride the roller-coaster and blindly follow Modern Portfolio Theory. 

My journey took me into the institutional world, where I found high net-worth investors treated to "actively managed portfolios" that had a "DEFENSIVE" mandate to protect against the downside or draw-downs in the market. However, back in 2003, an investor needed to be high net-worth. I couldn't believe that there were two very different investment programs available. One for the wealthy and one for everybody else.

That frustration and despair became the catalyst for finding money managers who could offer actively managed accounts for the average investor. What followed was months of travel to trade shows, subscribing to newsletters, and interviewing firms that had emerging managers who were harnessing the new technologies and trading platforms that enabled smaller account sizes. At the time, while working for a Global Fortune 100 company, we approached them about developing an investment advisory program. After tough negotiations, they reluctantly agreed. By 2005 we were well on our way to designing one of the fastest growing advisory companies in the US. By the fall of 2008. the global banking crisis forever changed our future course and management determined our work wasn’t  core to the firm’s high margin, proprietary product line-up. Sadly, the dream of building a world-class company diminished. In 2010, we left to start our own firm.

The science of global tactical asset allocation may sound new, but it has a long history in the institutional world. With the advent of strategic partnerships, advanced technology, and a history of building model portfolios, Global View Capital Management can harness the power of some of the best-of-breed active managers and strategies available in today's marketplace. Our research team vets out multiple managers and strategies and then from our correlation studies, we select the strategies for our model portfolios. Imagine we can do this for an account as small as $25,000!

One of the most important lessons taught to me from my grandparents was that when God places a dream in your heart, you had better pay attention, work hard and never, ever stop until the dream is realized. They married during the Great Depression and by their example, showed that during tough times to disregard current conditions and doubt. They taught me to “walk by faith and not by sight,” and to believe with all your heart that all will be well. 

At Global View Capital Management, we surround ourselves with people who are dedicated to delivering active management for all investors. Our staff, our advisors, our partners, all have the passionate energy to make a difference in the lives of the clients we serve. We are honored to have the trust and faith that our clients have in us to navigate and adapt through some of the most difficult market conditions in history. The world has changed and it's not coming back. So, shouldn't you also adapt your investments for the new world?