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Company-sponsored Retirement Plans

What makes our 401(K) solution a better choice for you?


We help companies enhance their 401(K) Plans in 3 Key Areas:

First, we help businesses design a plan that can help address their business’ needs.

An example may include allowing higher contributions to the business owner or other highly compensated employees.  Unfortunately, too many plans are just standardized solutions and not really specific to the business’ needs and intentions.

Second, we help protect the business owner(s) and plan sponsor from a fiduciary standpoint. 

There are ongoing responsibilities to monitor the plan’s investments, and all too often business owners and plan trustees have a misconception that this is ‘being done’ for them. But the reality is that it is still the business owner or plan trustee who is on the hook for these responsibilities. 

Our solution helps address this and helps protect the company and business owner.

Third, we help the employees protect their hard-earned savings by giving them access to Tactical Management solutions inside their 401(K) plan.

As mentioned in our "Why Active and Tactical Management" Page, having a defensive component in one's portfolio can help reduce risks of losses during major market downturns like the one experienced in 2008.  This allows employees to participate when markets are favorable, but then provides them with defensive strategies when markets are unfavorable. 

Most employees don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to continually monitor their accounts and many would rather select an option to have this done for them.  But, like other plans, our solution also provides the wide array of fund options for those who wish to manage their own accounts.

Altogether, we help enhance the plan for both employers and employees.

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So, if you're a Business owner, Plan Sponsor or Trustee and you wish to enhance your plan for your employees and protect yourself better from Fiduciary Risks...

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