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Ed Fons

Ed Fons

Marketing Advisor

Ed brings a broad array of business experience including the fulltime general practice of law for 5 years, 15 years in real estate as a sales agent - 3 of which as a broker/owner of his own company, 31 years in financial services in both captive and noncaptive companies and 21 years in title insurance industry as a sales representative and real estate closer.  The common theme in all these endeavors was helping others achieve their goals and dreams and results in a moral, ethical and efficient manner. 

According to Ed, "As I started down Route 66 on the Highway Map of Life, why would I jump back into the business world with Global View Capital Advisors?   Here is a three-fold reason:  1. We share and embrace high ethical and moral standards in business, 2. We both believe that people can understand and also want to understand how to design, grow and protect their personal-family economies, if only someone would take the time to help or teach them and 3. It was an unexpected and wonderful opportunity to go into business with my CPA son, Alex, who is a Financial Advisor at Global View.  So as Admiral Farragut said 'Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead', he had a war to win, I have families to help."

Because of his experiences - both in business as well as in life - Ed is able to bring a special element and perspective to our client engagements.