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Gina Hessel

Gina Hessel

Marketing Advisor

Gina’s personal values and motivations are the foundations of her professional career. Gina started her financial independence journey at the age of 16 when working multiple jobs at a young age not only taught Gina the value of a dollar, but provided her with the means to attain a college education.

After graduating with a Marketing Degree from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Gina felt there was something missing. She realized she had learned how to make money, but not what to do with it. So Gina set out to fill that void. Learning from her personal experiences, Gina’s priority today is to give back through mentorship and her professional career.

Gina and her high school sweetheart, David Hessel, also a member of this team, work together every day to make a positive impact on everyone they meet. As David’s Marketing counterpart, they strive to provide valuable and personalized holistic financial planning for individuals, families, and small business owners to provide solutions and recommendations to ensure they feel confident in their financial present and future.