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Marv Overman

Marv Overman

Financial Advisor

When a person has a long career, chances are they’ve had some fantastic opportunities to work with tremendous people in exciting places. For Marv, his fantastic opportunity was working for NASA at Johnson Space Center in Houston on a project to explore Mars, which one could say was an “out of this world experience.”

Marv Overman has been working in business, technology, financial services, and academics for over 40 years, with 20 of those years as a small business owner. Marv’s formal education include a degree in Psychology and master’s degree in Management, and his focus has been to provide a healthy balance to integrating business and technology. These experiences gave him the insight to develop a University Business and Technology degree program, which was accredited by an international accreditation agency. And, as a university professor, Marv has also developed and taught a wide range of business, management, accounting and finance, economics, and technology courses.

In more recent years, Marv’s focus has evolved toward people and being an influence for helping them transform their lives. Some of Marv’s greatest joys is influencing people embrace personal growth that leads to finding meaning and hope in their lives. In addition to guiding them to align their finances, his passion is for each person to finish strong during the final phase of their life here on earth while Leaving a legacy that is befitting of their life.