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Nicole M. Albano

Nicole M. Albano

Marketing Executive

Nicole Albano serves in both leadership and marketing capacities at our firm, often spearheading marketing initiatives as well as coaching and mentoring other advisors within our hub.  Her experience from her corporate background - having worked for multi-billion dollar companies - has given her a foundation of skills that has benefited her both in her business and personal life. 

The foundation of Nicole’s discussions are about educating women about money and finance from a holistic perspective, generally not common in the financial industry.  Under the Women’s Initiative, she works with women in the fields of dentistry, the health field, business owners and many others.  Through workshops, seminars, and symposiums, she encourages women to reach their potential and take charge of their lives by being informed.   This approach is in line with Nicole’s mission in life, which is to give a lending hand to those in need as well as to inspire others to be more. 

For over a decade, Nicole has planted her flag in the financial industry because she believes it’s a vehicle through which she can look back in life knowing she made a significant difference. 

Her biggest inspiration are her 2 daughters, Isabella and Olivia, for whom she is diligently working so their future is not only secure financially, but so that they grow up to be responsible, kind, faith-filled and generous people.