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Weston Schiltz

Weston Schiltz

Business Development/ Insurance Specialist

Weston graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville with a background in Engineering Physics, graduating with a Sustainable and Renewable Energy major.  He then worked in the highly detailed field of engineering for 3 years and moved into management for 2 years. During this time Weston started a business that he eventually let go as he became more interested in the investing world. He studied the stock market for a year before determining that Global View Capital Advisors was the right place for him.

At Global View, Weston's focus will be on the financial planning side, working alongside our team of advisors to both take care of clients as well as in our expansion efforts.

Per Weston, "Given my Christian background, I believe it is a responsibility of mine to help people, to serve their families and to alleviate the monetary burdens of today."