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Why Wealthsimple

If this sounds like you...

  • Where you've told yourself you're going to start saving, but just never got around to it or gave excuses like you've never had enough to even get started...

  • Or you've wanted to get started, but just found the idea of even just getting started confusing or even intimidating...

  • Or you're already a good saver, have been savvy with your investments, but are now looking for another way to diversify, have access to the latest technology, and want a way to protect your investments along the way.

Creating an account takes no more than 10 minutes, requires little to no paperwork, and you can have your funds invested as early as tomorrow.

We believe having things simplified, without sacrificing service or quality, will help add to your overall experience.


What is a Robo-Advisor?

A “robo-advisor” is a software tool that utilizes technology to make investing easier and more accessible. This allows investors to basically put their investments on “auto pilot”.  In this growing age of technology, we believe embracing the change is what’s in our client’s best interest.  For this purpose, we have partnered with Wealthsimple.  Launched in 2014, they now account for nearly 80% of Canada's online advisor space and recently launched in the US and UK.

Will my money be secure?

Wealthsimple uses bank-level encryption security to protect your data.  Their 128-bit SSL certificate encrypts all information transmitted between your browser and their web servers.  It is used to keep your account information safe, including passwords and personal information.  Wealthsimple also employs state-of-the-art back-up and firewall technology to ensure your information is always available, no matter what happens, with back-ups occurring throughout the day, every day.

How does our Robo-Advisor offering differ than other robo platforms? 

We have the unique aspect of having actively-managed strategies inside of our Wealthsimple platform.  We have combined the best qualities of technology, but maintained the importance of human oversight.  For you, this means your investments diversify across multiple indices while being able to shift to a defensive mode in the event of a true declining market. 

This ability to have a "Defensive" component to an otherwise model allocation approach, called a Tactical Overlay, is what differentiates our offering from other robo platforms available.  Our methodology allows you to benefit from the buy-and-hold approach when markets are on an upward trend, while providing you the benefit of going defensive when long term market conditions change and enter a Bear Market.

So how do I get access to the models with Tactical Overlay?

You will need this exclusive link:

Creating an account with my unique code means you will have access to me as your advisor, allowing me the visibility to your account as well as giving you access to advice and planning services that come with being one of our clients.  Most importantly, this is how you get access to our models with the tactical overlay.  Without my exclusive Wealthsimple For Advisors link, you won't get the access to our Actively-Managed Strategies.